WordPress is a powerful content management system used by over 60 million websites including 33.60% of the top 10 million websites this stat taken directly from Wikipedia is a huge deal!!

And while the numbers will keep changing, one thing is for sure, it’s only getting better.

With the latest release of WordPress 5.5, it now has the ability that’s been annoying developers and hosts for a very longtime. The ability to auto-upgrade plug-in software running on your site!

I remember the days I’d have to go through websites and wait through the updating the plugins one site after another. It literally took hours and was the Bain for all website admins. A few hosts even touted ‘managed WordPress installs’ because they’d spend the time to update your WordPress install, not just the plugins but also everything else.

With this brand new update we can all sleep a little better, because now automation has come to WordPress plug-in updates.

Once you have the latest version 5.5.x you’re given the ability to update manually those plugins or you can enable automatic updates. Some admins will opt to keep the essential plugins from auto-updates to make sure functionality doesn’t break on their critical sites. All in all it’s something you have to manually enable the first time.

Do you have more questions? Of course!

WordPress simply is a content management system that enables for a customisable and scalable website platform with thousands of plugins and support.

It gives you a website with custom pages, and a robust blog/news platform.

And with systems like Divi the scalability is limitless!